Sunday, April 17, 2016

Enjoying Heaven On Earth On Bike

28 May 2017

We did lots of biking today with two different groups at Eldorado Park and Kelso Conservation Area in Milton.  Kelso is really amazing place for easy trails around the beach and difficult trails up the hill. Going up the hill was a great experience and view from the top was just perfect. We crossed Gateway To Heaven which gave us few min to catch our breath before biking even higher. We didn't take the easy route of steep road. We biked through the trails for real exploration.

I highly recommend you to go this conservation area with your friends and family where some can enjoy breeze around the beach and others can go up the hill. Beach is not good for swimming though. Boating is another great attraction here. I will be visiting here again with GoPro to give you a view of how amazing ride it was up the hill. Also, I am eagerly waiting to take pictures from here during fall season. Let me know if you would like to join for some adventure.

29 Apr 2017

Video below shows my last week on bike all around nature and animals. It was within 20 km of my house on multiple days. Thanks to bike I can access all of this within minutes. On some trails I was the only one for many kilometers. I don't like to shoot while biking but I couldn't resist this time. Some places deer just appeared in front of my bike on those lonely trails. I was then forced to take always available iPhone camera out. Deer ran away faster than I could take camera out. So much more was happening in these trails. Have a gang of 5 bikers now. Hoping to grow it further.

Experience was heavenly. Exploring nature is fun. Go out and look for your own heaven on earth.

17 Apr, 2017

Temperature is just perfect for the outdoor activities. I am taking an initiative in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to form a cycling group called "Heaven Unearthed Bikers Club" to help local families get healthier while enjoying this great season. If you are in GTA then you can join this group as well. Please join if you and enjoy nature. I will keep posting group activities through this spring and summer.